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September 2021

Major update: New Drag & Drop Editor release

We’re excited to announce the release of our new Drag & Drop Editor! If you have been using Sendinblue for a while now, you may have already noticed you had the option to pick between our Classic Editor and our New Editor.

With the release of our new Editor to all Sendinblue users, you now have a more powerful and intuitive Email Campaign building tool, with the same ease-of-use functionality as our Classic Editor.

Key feature highlights:

1. Content Blocks: Save your content blocks & re-use for future campaigns

In your Left navigation, you can drag and drop our pre-designed content blocks into your newsletter.

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 18.08.55.png

Any content block you create using the new Editor can now be saved and used in your future campaigns! This includes your pre-header, newsletter layout design, social media icons, email footer, email signature, and much more.

Now, you can create all the content blocks you want to re-use for all your campaigns, save them, and never do it from scratch again ;)

2. eCommerce Product Block: 1-Click Product Transfer (for Shopify & Shopware users)


If you have a Shopify or Shopware store connected to your Sendinblue account, you now have a bonus feature available to you in our New Editor!

Our new 1-click product transfer feature enables you to select products from your eCommerce store that you wish to promote, and drop them directly into your newsletter or email campaign.

Where can I find this feature?

👉 Go to your Campaign Setup> Campaign Design. Click on the new Drag & Drop Editor and drag a new ‘Product block’ from your left navigation tool bar into your blank canvas.

👉 Want tips on how to set it up? Click here.

3. Mobile Optimization: Edit your campaigns in mobile view


You can now see exactly how your campaigns will look on Mobile as you design it! Customize how you would like your campaigns to appear on mobile devices and edit your campaigns directly using our mobile view feature in the New Editor.

Simply click on the mobile icon in the top navigation of your campaign setup to start editing the mobile responsive design of your email campaign.

4. Over 30 + new Social Media Icons available in New Editor

You now have access to 30 + new Social Media icons in our New Editor! You can choose between different colors and shapes, reorder your social media icons based on your preferences, and easily update all your social media URLs in one go.

When you add a social block to your campaign, by default you will see the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn icons. You can choose to add new icons using the ‘Add more’ button, and add/modify as many icons as you wish.


And there is so much more to discover in our New Editor! To get step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of our New Editor, you can read our Help Article here.

Impact of Apple privacy updates on using Sendinblue

Apple recently announced a change that will affect how we at Sendinblue follow the performance of email campaigns for readers on iOS and Mac devices.

What is the new change from Apple?

Before routing a message to the end user, Apple will now begin loading this message on their servers, which sends us the same type of response as a normal user opening an email for the first time. This means that we will no longer be able to reliably track email open rates on Apple devices for email campaign and transactional email reports.

Fortunately, we are easily able to identify contacts using Apple mail clients and email opens that are generated from Apple’s new process, which allows us to exclude them from reports and give an accurate report for all non-Apple users.

How will this impact Sendinblue users?

We have made the change to exclude Apple contacts from our reports, and the main impact of this change will be related to your campaign activities that use email open rates as the main indicator for engagement.

This includes:

  1. Contact filters

  2. Marketing automation entry points and conditions

  3. Inactive contact segments

The good news? This change only affects email open rates -- clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, etc. will not be affected. If you’re using open rates in any of your automation workflows or contact segments, we recommend changing the condition from opens to clicks to ensure accuracy moving forward.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what we’re doing in our product to manage this new change from Apple, we have published an article in our Help Center to answer your questions. Additionally, our Support team is always standing by if you would like to get in touch personally.